New Blekko Search Engine Filters Out Spam Web Sites

yesterday a new Search Engine has been launched Called "Blekko", Which does a bit better job than usual Search engine like Google & Bing. Blekko Search Engine Filters out the Spam Websites and returns with only trustworthy Websites. Most of the Search Engines Concentrates on to inform about the Malcious Website to the users But blekko has gone a step ahead to protect users.

“The goal is to clean up Web search and get all the spam out of it,” Blekko co-founder Rich Skrenta told The New York Times.
Blekko Actually uses a slashtags to refine the search. Whenever a user want to search for a particular keyword on a particular Website then the Search keyword will follow with Forward slash and the Particular Website.For Ex. if a user want to search for HTC on then the user will use HTC/amazon for Search.there are plenty of Slashtags available to choose from, you can get a list of it from Here
Currently Google holds 71.59% , yahoo 14.28% and bing holds 9.87% of market Share, So it will be difficult for blekko to have a market Share but i'm Sure it will attract Users.
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