How to Remove Facebook Questions/polls from Facebook Wall

These days Polls are trending on Facebook. any user can create any number of polls regarding anything of his Interest. This is why my Facebook wall is full of polls than friends updates. yup i'll love to answer the polls if the question is of my Interest. I really don't like Polls on my whole FB wall with Questions. If you are one of them who don't like FB polls then welcome Aboard. In this post we'll try to hide/remove those polls from the FB wall.

A small Addon can help us fix it. Hide FB Questions is a Google Chrome Addon which Hides all the questions from the wall/newsfeed leaving just updates from the friends, Cool. No Configurations needed just install the Addon and forget it does its job Quietly and yes it does a great Job. Hide FB Questions currently is only available for Google Chrome. Hope in future it will available for all major Browsers. so what are waiting for install the Addon and remove the polls from your Wall now.
Download the Addon Here
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Update : F.B. Purity is a Firefox Addon which can help you hide Facebook Questions from the walls in your Firefox Browser. It also has some other great features.

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