Internet Download Manager 6.07 Full Review and License Key Giveaway

We spend lot of time Downloading various stuffs like Software's, Online Videos etc from the Web. All of us have gone through the situation where we wait for a Download to finish with very slow Downloading speed and cursing their ISP's. Even most of us have tried all the tactics and software's to increase the Download Speed but most of them failed. Many Download Managers claims they can Increase the Download speed but they make no difference except One... yeah you heard it right except one ! Internet Download Manager is one of the most famous Download Manager on the Web and it does what it claims !

Official Description

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

IDM is very small and easy to install. one Good thing about IDM is it integrates with all Major Browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and many more ! On launching IDM from the tray icon you see a Simple and Clean Interface with big Animated icons.

There are various categories at the left mainly divided into three "All Downloads","Unfinished Downloads" and "Finished Downloads". Clicking on "Unfinished Downloads" will show all the unfinished/paused downloads while "Finished Downloads" show all completely finished downloads. Simply, All Downloads shows all the Downloads on the list.

IDM has another great feature to take over downloads from other Applications. Whenever you try to Download from any supported browser it is taken over by IDM and you will be shown the following Prompt.

IDM automatically chooses the category for your Downloads and place the downloads in it. The Download Prompt allows you to switch the Download Category OR Add new Category to place the Download file in it. Once you Click on Download you will have further few Options like Speed Limiter to limit your Download speed and Options to specify what IDM should do once Download is completed. IDM has ability to Resume paused OR broken Downloads if Server allows which you won't find if you download using your Browser !

you also have an option to Download the file later on the Download Prompt which basically pauses your download and place it on the list. you can anytime resume the Download by just Right Clicking on the Paused Download and Click "Resume Download" OR simply click the Resume icon.

you can put unfinished downloads to a Queue so that IDM Downloads it automatically one after other. To start the Downloads from the Queue just click on start Queue Download.

One of the Important feature of IDM is the Online Video grabber which allows you to download videos from video sharing site like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. Just in one Click you can download any streaming video, so whenever a video is streaming IDM will place a Download Bar to Download the video just click on the Download Bar !

Site Grabber feature of IDM allows you to Download Entire Website or any Videos OR Images from the Website.

Options in Settings

1) You can allow IDM to run on Windows Start Up and to Automatically download files whose URL is copied to the Clipboard. If your browser is not in the Browser list you can added by clicking on "Add Browser" and browse through the .exe file of the Browser.

2) IDM Automatically starts download from all the website if you want to add any exceptions then you can add in "File Types" option of settings. you can ever specify the file types which IDM should ignore from Downloading.

3) you can also Scan your each Download just specify it in "Downloads" options of settings. But we think its not necessary because whenever you download from the Web it is automatically scanned by your security Software.

4) Connection option allows you specify your broadband connection type and max number of connections for downloading a file.

5) You can specify any type of sound to alert you if Download is finished or failed in "Sounds" Option in settings.

6) If you use Windows Dial Up Connection to connect to Internet then you can use IDM's built in Dial up Connection. just specify the credentials in Dial up/VPN option in settings.

7) If any website requires any Authentication (Username and Password) to Download any file you can specify it in "Sites Logins' option of settings so that you don't have enter it again and again.

8) You can Setup Proxy if you connect through a Proxy Server in settings Tab.

Internet Download Manager is full featured Download Manager which does what it claims. It increases the Download Speed drastically, Resumes Pause or broken Downloads. The Video grabber allows to download most of streaming videos from the Web and Customization options in settings makes it the Best Download Manager.

More info and Download : Internet Download Manager

We have 15 One Year License keys of Internet Download Manager to giveaway thanks to Dave Saeger for sponsoring the License Keys. To participate follow the following rules.

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